Let's go to the sea.

There are times when I want to soak my heart in the blue of the sea that spreads out in front of me.

The sea makes us feel as if our hearts are crystal clear.

Let's have a great time at the beach!


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Tide table

Weather, sunrise, sunset, etc., with a tide table of 239 locations in 47 prefectures in Japan.Check before you go out to the sea for leisure, surfing, fishing, tide casting, swimming, etc.
Tide table

Surfing point

You can find surfing points in all 47 prefectures in Japan, 516 points. You can easily search for the direction of the swell of each point, the characteristics of the point, etc. From beginners to advanced surfers, there is a wide range of options available.
Surfing point

About us

This site is one of the leading surfing information media in Japan with not only information about the surf point, but also tide tables, surf videos and trip information. It covers all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and you can use it for your first visit or trip.

The information posted on the site varies, and in addition to general basic surfing knowledge and useful information, there are also articles from a woman's point of view, which is a big feature of the site. It has a lot of content that I would like to recommend not only to men but also to women, such as information on sunscreen and bodyboarding, which is very popular among women.

As for surfing videos, the site offers a wide range of information, such as a large collection of domestic and international videos, so that you can feel the appeal of surfing even more. Also, many of the articles and videos on the site explain the basic information about surfing, so it is recommended for beginners as well as experienced surfers. "Do you have any information on this?" Is there anyone else with the same problem? From trivial questions such as "I want to know more information about this point! I want to get better! Please use "surf life" to answer any questions you may have.